Malaysia's Bakun Dam would not have been possible without funds from China Exim Bank to the Malaysian Government

China Exim Bank

China Export Import Bank (China Exim Bank) is the official export credit agency of the Chinese government. The Bank was founded in 1994, and has already become the world's largest export credit agency. Its services include export credits, guarantees, and concessional loans which are an important part of China's foreign aid.

China Exim Bank finances many dams, particularly in Africa and Southeast Asia. Its hydropower projects include Kamchay (Cambodia), Mphanda Nkuwa (Mozambique), Merowe (Sudan), and Yeywa (Burma), as well as other dams in Albania, Cambodia, Guinea, Laos, Malaysia, Mozambique, Nepal, the Republic of Congo, Zambia, and elsewhere.

In August 2007 China Export and Import Bank issued Guidelines for Environmental and Social Impact Assessments of the China Export and Import Bank’s (China EXIM Bank) Loan Projects. These guidelines are an improvement over the Bank's 2004 environmental policy, which was released to the public in April 2007.

In response to the 2004 policy, International Rivers and Environmental Defense in cooperation with The Corner House, ECA Watch, Friends of the Earth/US, Friends of Nature, Green Watershed, and Pacific Environment issued recommendations regarding China Exim Bank's environmental policy based on international good practice.

International Rivers monitors projects financed by China Exim Bank, and supports groups which are affected by them. We encourage a dialogue between affected groups and Chinese institutions, and an open debate about the costs and benefits of China's overseas dams within China.

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