Honduras: COPINH Members Face More Intimidation

As Honduras remains in suspended animation in the wake of a contested presidential election, the military is continuing to intimidate ordinary citizens.

Yesterday, local sources reported that the military detained the vehicle where the current COPINH coordinator, Bertha Zuniga Cáceres, daughter of our the late Berta Cáceres, was being transported. According to the statement, the military told the passengers that they could proceed on foot.

Police also stopped a bus in which members of COPINH were transported and took photos of their identity cards.

We join the National Network of Human Rights Defenders in denouncing these violations of the right to free movement. The COPINH members were on their way to an action to reject electoral fraud.

We call on the international community to keep its eyes on Honduras, and to let the government of Juan Orlando Hernández know it will be held responsible for attacks against COPINH.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017