Celebrating Liberated Rivers

Glines Canyon Dam Removal
Glines Canyon Dam Removal
International Rivers

As River Guardian Latha Anantha says, "Dams are not forever!"

Not only do large dams have massive, negative environmental and human rights impacts, but over time their structures disintegrate and their risk of failure and flooding grows exponentially. Large dams rarely perform their energy-producing functions as efficiently as promised, and over time the underperformance gets worse and they become expensive to maintain.

Increasingly, governments and communities are realizing that the complete removal of dangerous, aging dams is a smart move for local ecosystems. Healthy rivers are those that flow freely. 

At International Rivers we celebrate whenever a dam is decommissioned and removed, and we have created a playlist of videos on YouTube that feature dam removals. I highly recommend you take a moment to celebrate with us as you watch these rivers flow freely once again. 

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Thursday, March 31, 2016