Countdown Begins: International Day of Action for Rivers

Katherine Brousseau

It is just under three weeks until the International Day of Action for Rivers, on March 14th.

Please plan your events, and let us know about them! Take photos, videos, and write us stories about your actions, so we may share them!

Check out the 30 planned actions on our 2012 Actions by Region page!

In my last blog, I wrote about a few exciting planned events; here's an update on some more:

  • In Portugal, a camp of activists will form Camp Actua, as part of their campaign to stop construction of the Fuza Tua Dam along the Tua River. The dam site is within the Alto Douro Vinhateiro Region, a World Heritage Site -- yet its construction would flood a large portion of the region and severely affect the lives of those living along the river. This camp will form a space for artistic work, discussion, networking, and campaign planning.
  • In Spain, Asociación Río Aragón (the River Aragón Association) is organizing a day of struggle against the expropriation of lands in the Artieda municipality, caused by expansion of the Yesa dam's reservoir.

No a Yesa - Spain - 2011

Asociación Río Aragón and La Plataforma Yesa+NO held a large protest in front of the Environment Ministry denouncing the negative impacts of the Biscarrués Dam on the River Aragón.

  • In Taiwan, The Meinung People's Association will gather many anti-dam organizations and people affected by large river construction projects in Taiwan to show support for free-flowing rivers. There will be a street demonstration followed by a press conference in which the government is called upon to systematically review dam safety throughout Taiwan, and if appropriate, to consider dam removal as an option for dealing with dangerous dams. In addition, the publishing of the booklet "Successful Dam Removal Stories," translated into Chinese, will be publicized and celebrated.
  • In the Philippines, campaigners against the Pulangi Dam 5 are putting together several actions, and will screen the film "Wrong Climate for Damming Rivers" with a translation into their local dialect, Cebuano!
  • And in Malaysia, following a conference involving 150 indigenous representatives and the launching of a campaign against 12 dams, plans are in the making for March 14th demonstrations as well!

 Rivers Honored - Malaysia - 2011

Organized by "Land Empowerment Animals People," community members affected by the proposed Kaiduan Dam on the Papar River and the existing Babagon Dam in Ulu Moyog gathered to express their love for Sabah's rivers. The event began with a ritual blessing, and participants erected a Kadazan-Dusun stone monument to ensure prosperity for Sabah's rivers and river communities.

  • And in Berkeley, California, on the evening of March 14th, International Rivers will honor all these actions. Come celebrate the International Day of Action for Rivers, bring the Occupy spirit, and show your support for free-flowing, pollution-free rivers all over the world. There will be a screening of A River Runs Through Us, an awesome slam-poet performance, an African drumming and dance performance by UC Berkeley students, food and drink, and more!

             When: Wednesday, March 14th, 6 - 9 pm
             Where: Marsh Theater: 2120 Allston Way, Berkeley, Ca
             Cost: Admission is free, with donations gratefully accepted

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