Yacyretá Dam

Thousands of fish killed at Yacyretá Dam

Saturday, November 3, 2007
An immense quantity of fish, mostly surubies (catfish), died trapped in the Paraná River and without oxygen on the fish passage ladder at Yacyretá Dam. Oscar Ruiz Diaz, chief technician of EBY (Yacyretá bi-national agency) admitted the fact, saying it was due to "human error". He said the staff members that were responsible would be fired. A group of tourists who were visiting the dam first noticed the fish kill. The ABC newspaper from Paraguay published a report saying that 10 tons of fish had been killed, even as the authorities denied anything had happened. Later, Ruiz Díaz co

Miles de peces murieron por error humano en Yacyretá

Saturday, November 3, 2007
Información General: Una inmensa cantidad de peces, en su mayoría surubíes, murieron atrapados en el Río Paraná y sin oxígeno en la escala de transferencia de peces de la central hidroeléctrica Yacyretá. Sucedió durante el fin de semana electoral. El ingeniero Oscar Ruiz Díaz, jefe técnico de la EBY, reconoció lo sucedido y aclaró que fue producto de un "error humano". Afirmó que los funcionarios encargados serán sumariados. Durante el fin de semana electoral, una inmensa cantidad de peces, en su mayoría surubíes, murieron atrapados y sin oxígeno en la escala de t


Information on threats to the rivers of the Amazon, particularly Brazil, including the network of 70 large dams being planned. Expect 2-3 messages per week.

Hydro Equality

Fernando Lugo
Fernando Lugo Photo by Antônio Cruz, ABrThe victory by Fernando Lugo last Sunday in Paraguay´s presidential elections has sent ripples through the energy ministries of Brazil and Argentina, based upon his assertion that the Itaipu and Yacyretá Dam treaties must be re-negotiated to guarantee a fair deal for his country. Both bi-national dams were built during military dictatorships, where official corruption was the rule, rather than the exception. A former Paraguayan president reportedly made a fortune selling concrete for Itaipu which never existed. And, Yacyretá has so far cost ten

Yacyretá Independent Investigation Report, IDB

Friday, February 27, 2004
Final report of the Independent Investigation Mechanism on Yacyretá Hydroelectric Project

Chronic Problems at Yacyretá Dam

Tuesday, July 13, 2004
International Rivers Network Press ReleaseINTER-AMERICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK INVESTIGATION CONFIRMS CHRONIC PROBLEMS AT YACYRETÁ DAMA new report issued by the Inter-American Development Bank's Independent Investigation Mechanism has confirmed chronic and serious problems with the Yacyretá Hydroelectric Project, financed in large part by the IDB and the World Bank. The report, completed in May, but only just made public, also cites numerous violations of IDB policy in non-enforcement of regulations on resettlement and environmental mitigation questions.The IDB has loaned a total of $977 million


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