NPR Story on the Effects of Damming the Mekong

Tuesday, July 8, 2014
National Public Radio spoke with International Rivers' Southeast Asia Program Director Ame Trandem about the negative impacts of the proposed Xayaburi and Don Sahong dams on the people and wildlife of the Mekong River. The audio of the full story can be downloaded here and the transcript and streaming audio can be found on the NPR site.

On the Radio: Kate Ross on Protecting Rivers in Chilean Patagonia

Friday, August 9, 2013
On August 1, 2013 Gary Graham Hughes interviewed Kate Ross, Patagonia Coordinator and Program Associate at International Rivers, for the EcoNews Report at KHSU.

On the Radio: Solidarity in the Fight Against Turkey's Ilisu Dam

Tigris Valley Threatened by the Ilsu
Tuesday, August 6, 2013
Tigris Valley Threatened by the Ilsu Free Speech Radio News' Jacob Resneck reports on the movement to protect the Tigris River from the massive Ilisu Dam project. See the original story on the FSRN site. Indigenous people from dam-affected areas of South America and Africa recently traveled to Turkey to join the movement against the Ilsu. Full audio of the story curtesy of Free Speech Radio News.

On The Radio: Grace Mang Talks To China Radio International

The Mekong River feeds millions
Friday, June 7, 2013
The Mekong River feeds millions Voices From Other Lands, a program of China Radio International that features the stories of foreign nationals working in China, spoke with International Rivers' China Program Director, Grace Mang, on the threats and values of the Mekong River and her personal journey towards Mekong River protection issues. Learn more about the Lancang/Mekong River and what you can do to support the campaign to Save the Mekong.

On the Radio: Kate Ross on Dams, Communities, and Ecosystems

Ibanez River, Patagonia - Day of Action 2009
Friday, March 15, 2013
Audio originally posted by KALW. In recognition of the International Day of Action for Rivers, NPR station KALW hosted International Rivers' Patagonia Coordinator Kate Ross on the nationally syndicated call-in talk show Your Call. Kate answered questions about the impacts of large dams on communities and ecosystems worldwide, and the fight to protect rivers, water. and life. Ibanez River, Patagonia - Day of Action 2009. Learn more about the many global events that took place during the 2013 International Day of Action. And if you have an action to share, email dayofaction@internationational

On NPR: Brazil Builds Monster Dams In The Amazon

Wednesday, February 20, 2013
On February 13, 2013, NPR's All Things Considered aired a piece on current efforts to build the Jirau and other large, destructive dams in the Amazon. Both International Rivers and Amazon Watch were featured in the story. We commend NPR for bringing timely attention to this issue. The original story can be heard on the NPR site.

Jeff Fallen: Yangtze River Journey (Audio)

Michelle Kwon's Quartet performs Jeff Fallen's Yangtze Journey at International Rivers' Day of Action for Rivers event on March 14, 2011
Thursday, January 31, 2013
A quartet performs Jeff Fallen's Yangtze Journey at International Rivers' Day of Action for Rivers event on March 14, 2011. I was moved to compose a musical work about the decline of the Yangtze River from its natural state due to a major reservoir project - Three Gorges Dam. International Rivers was kind enough to offer a performance of my work at an International Day of Action for Rivers gathering in Berkeley. Many years ago we made a canoe journey down a portion of the Trinity River in Texas. From Hearne south on its way to the Gulf of Mexico, there were a few, small rapids. In the countr

On the Radio: The Mekong, Food Security, and Hydropower

Friday, October 12, 2012
This week Free Speech Radio News' Ron Corben reported on a four-year study recently released by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. The study concludes that hydropower projects and water pollution pose significant threats to biodiversity and food security in Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. The study was conducted by over 70 scientists and identifies hundreds of animal species that face extinction. The areas in the Lower Mekong Basin threated by the proposed Xayaburi Hydropower Project are highlighted in the report. International River's Southeast Asia Program Direc

Re-mapping the Amazon: An Interview with Brent Millikan

A boat on the mighty – but threatened – Tapajós River
Friday, March 23, 2012
A boat on the mighty – but threatened – Tapajós River Photo by Brent Millikan, March 2011 This interview aired the week of March 16, 2012 on Living on Earth, Public Radio International's environmental news magazine. The Brazilian government recently proposed a re-mapping of the Amazon that would remove protection for more than 200,000 acres of rainforest, including national parks. Brent Millikan is Amazon Program Director for International Rivers. He tells host Bruce Gellerman that the government wants to make way for hydroelectric dams. Brazil's River of the Dead is teeming wit

Pianporn Deetes, Thailand Program Coordinator on ABC News Radio

Thursday, October 6, 2011
The following radio interview appeared on PM with Mark Colvin, ABC News. Pianporn Deetes, International Rivers Thailand Program Coordinator talks about the harm to the region that was averted, when the Myitsone dam project was cancelled: "There are many fora and fauna would be submerged if this dam is built and in the downstream area, the Irrawaddy delta is a rice basket of Burma. It is a very important area where the Burmese people grow rice and important agricultural area."


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