Environmental Impact Assessment

Laos: Open For Business, Closed to the Public

News article highlighting involvement of government and private sector in revisions of Decree 112
The Government of Lao PDR has announced that they intend to approve a new regulation guiding Environmental Impact Assessment procedures in November. However, the draft wording for revisions to the measures outlined in the Prime Minister’s Decree on Environmental Impact Assessment (also known as Decree 112) has yet to be made public. The process to revise standards that guide decision-making on major projects has taken place entirely behind closed doors, limited to government affiliated networks and the private sector. Community leaders in areas affected by large-scale investment projects, r

A 2007 Review of the Don Sahong Dam's Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report

Sunday, November 18, 2007
A 2007 Review of the Don Sahong Dam's Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report carried out by the Mekong River Commission Secretariat for the Lao government. The review expresses the following concerns, as well as concerns over the report's numerous shortcomings: Concerns over the dam's fishery impacts and its 'conceptual' mitigation plans (Point 47,64-69); MRC clarification that the project is indeed a Mekong mainstream dam that needs to undergo the MRC's 'prior consultation' process (Point 35); the report's lack of consideration of social impacts on upstream and downstream communities,
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