Day of Action

Berta is Still Here, ¡Berta Presente!

 A photo of Berta, on display in front of First Presbyterian the evening of the vigil.
When she was working, they say, she had fire in her eyes. Fire that moved people. But just as quickly as her activist rage turned on, she could turn it off. Go back to being the loving mother, sister, and daughter that she was. That Berta still is, today, in spirit. A photo of Berta, on display in front of First Presbyterian the evening of the vigil. On the evening of March 18th, roughly 200 people convened at Oakland’s First Presbyterian Church for a vigil honoring a heroine taken from us three weeks ago. It quickly became clear, though, that she will never really go. Berta Isabel C

The Rivers We Yearn for, The Rivers We Love, The Rivers We Leave

A blog from our supporter, aquatic ecologist Jorge Celi: This March 14 we celebrate the International Day of Action for Rivers! To ensure that rivers remain for posterity, we must reflect and choose what fate we want for our rivers. It's time to act!

Day of Action Defending World Heritage Rivers

First Bend of the Nu River
From the March 2014 World Rivers ReviewAs I write this, our offices are abuzz with plans for March 14, the International Day of Action for Rivers. This will be the seventeenth year of the event; International Rivers was there when the idea arose from the first meeting of dam-affected peoples in Curitiba, Brazil, and we’ve been celebrating and activating ever since. It’s one of the best pleasures to be a part of the amazing international movement of river activists. Once again, we anticipate hundreds of demonstrations, vigils, workshops and celebrations as people from more than 40 countri
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