Planning for Dam Decommissioning as an Environmental Priority

Wednesday, February 6, 2013
Dams do not last forever. While countries like India and China are in the middle of a dam building spree, there is no proper mechanism for periodic assessment of the performance of these dams. India is yet to have clearly defined, legally binding accountability mechanisms in case of dam failures. It is time India and her neighbors start seriously planning for dam decommissioning as a viable option for restoring the ecology of rivers and creating more free-flowing rivers.

French Dam Removal Opens Way for Atlantic Salmon

The Poutès Dam has devastated salmon runs.
Monday, March 5, 2012
From March 2012 World Rivers ReviewThe Poutès Dam has devastated salmon runs. The Allier, main tributary of the river Loire, is among the last wild rivers in Europe. The river and its watershed shelter extraordinary fauna and flora due to the geologic complexity of the mountainous Massif-Central through which it flows. An indispensable part of the river’s treasure includes wild Atlantic salmon, a unique symbol and store of genetic diversity that will provide a base from which to restore diminishing salmon runs in other major rivers of Western Europe. In the 20th century, Atlantic salmo
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