Tipaimukh Dam

Communities Say No to India's Tipaimukh High Dam

Villagers Protest Tipaimukh Dam
Friday, September 18, 2009
From September 2009 World Rivers Review The proposed Tipaimukh High Dam would dam the Barak River 500 meters downstream from the confluence of its tributary the Tuivai River in Manipur State. More than half of the 900-kilometre-long Barak falls within India; its lower half drains Bangladesh. The Barak system is the second largest drainage system in Northeast India. The entire riverine ecosystem of the Barak River Basin supports an endemic agrarian civilization thriving on biodiversity-based agro-ecological systems that have profound local and global significance. The 163-meter-high Ti

Gaining Public Acceptance: Tipaimukh Dam in India, Concerns of Bangladesh

Saturday, October 1, 2005
The construction of Tipaimukh Dam by India on the international Barak river raises a number of questions in relation to successful implementation of World Commission on Dams (WCD) recommendation on Gaining Public Acceptance (GPA) for large dams. The government of India has never officially informed the lower riparian state of Bangladesh about the construction of the dam although experts fear that the dam would have adverse environmental impact on Bangladesh that share the same river basin. This paper by Zakir Kibria, Executive Director of the NGO BanglaPraxis, investigates the internation
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