Second Mapder Forum Declaration

Sunday, March 13, 2005
Second Gathering of the Mexican Movement of Those Affected by Dams and in Defence of Rivers (MAPDER) The Mexican Movement of Those Affected by Dams and in Defence of Rivers (MAPDER) was born at the 2nd Gathering of the Meso-American Movement Against Dams which was held in La Esperanza, Honduras in 2003. The first MAPDER meeting was held in 2004 in Guerrero where communities are battling against the construction of the La Parota dam. Six months later the Second MAPDER conference was held in the Huentitan ravine where only one woman, Guadalupe Lara remained in resistance against the Arcediano d

Our Land is Not for Sale

Saturday, April 1, 2006
 Communities who would be impacted by the proposed La Parota Dam on the Papagayo River in the State of Guerrero, Mexico have met political persecution of their leaders, threats, and police violence because of their opposition to the construction of the dam. Two community leaders have been murdered - Tomas Cruz Zamora was killed last September as he returned from an organizing meeting, and Eduardo Maya Manrique was stoned to death this January. In recent months, police have attacked peaceful community demonstrators, wounding hundreds of farmers. One reason for these serious human rights vi


Reservoir of Malpaso Dam in Chiapas
Twenty large dams have already been built on Mexico’s rivers. Mexico boasts the highest dam in the Americas and the sixth largest dam in the world: the Chicoasén Dam in Chiapas State. Mexico’s dams have forcibly displaced more than 167,000 people. The Temascal Dam in Oaxaca displaced close to 25,000 Mazatec indigenous peoples, a nation that spoke 56 languages. Most were not compensated for their land and losses, and when they protested their homes were set on fire. Promises of electricity and irrigation were not met, and close to 200 displaced people died.

La Parota Dam

In 2003, the Mexican Federal Electricity Commission proposed the construction of La Parota Dam in the State of Guerrero. The 900 MW dam on the Papagayo River would have flooded close to 17,000 hectares of land and displace more than 25,000 people. The project was officially cancelled on August 16, 2012.
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