Demonstrations for Youth, Climate Justice, and Mountains

To see what civil society is saying about various countries, check out the Fossil of the Day Awards, which awards the top three countries who perform the worst during the UN climate negotiations. Daily video summaries of the negotiations. More live videos from Copenhagen, covering interviews and actions. Follow the events live on Twitter. 

Civil Society Calls for Stronger Kyoto at Copenhagen

Follow the events live on Twitter.

Climate Justice Protests Ongoing at Copenhagen

Green peace protest, 10 Dec
Green peace protest, 10 Dec The latest: Climate justice protest outside the Bella Center (where COP15 is being held) by Greenpeace this morning, calling out "Don't leave youth out in the cold" as they stood in the 7 degrees C weather in swimsuits. Brief video to come. Climate Chronicles Transnational Institute The emergence of the leaked text (PDF) by the Danish PM sparked an impromptu protest from members of the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance, who marched through the Bella Centre chanting "Two degrees is suicid

Arriving in Copenhagen, Climate Madhouse

COP15 logo
COP15 logo UNFCCC Welcome to the first in a series of vlogs taken live from Copenhagen!  Check out Klimaforum09, the People's Climate Summit For alternative news on COP15, check out Climate Action Network International's Eco Bulletin and Transnational Institute's Climate Chronicle. For daily highlights of the official negotiations, check out the Earth Negotiations Bulletin.

Leaked Danish Text and Carbon Markets

The big story of the first two days at the climate negotiations in Copenhagen has been the leaked Danish text. It is a secretly negotiated draft agreement that only a few countries had a hand in drafting, including Denmark and the United States. Developing countries are up in arms, as it serves the interest of developed countries.  The agreement represents the interests of developed countries by effectively killing the Kyoto Protocol and replacing it with a weaker agreement. It also makes financing for developing countries contingent on actions they take, something that hadn't be

All Eyes On Copenhagen

Governments and civil society from the world over will be converging on Copenhagen, December 2009
The UN Climate Change Conference is in Copenhagen from December 7-18, 2009 Governments and civil society from the world over will be converging on Copenhagen, December 2009 Climate Action Network For months, governments, lobbyists, and civil society have been gearing up for the "big one," and now it's finally here - the UN climate conference in wintry Copenhagen. Governments are meeting in the Danish capital to negotiate what is to follow the "first commitment period" of the Kyoto Protocol, which runs out at the end of 2012. Unfortunately, many industrialized country governments have been


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