Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)

Spreadsheet of Hydro Projects in the CDM Project Pipeline

This excel spreadsheet database of hydro projects in the CDM project pipeline was created for International Rivers by Ben Docker. It can be downloaded below in complete form. As of March 2013: 2,476 hydro projects with an installed capacity of 244,711 MW were registered or seeking registration with the CDM. 1606 (73,387 MW) of these hydro projects are in China. 1,240 (233,904 MW) of the total hydro projects were large projects according to the CDM definition (greater than 15MW capacity). 145.76 million CERs have so far been issued across 670 projects. The UNEP Risoe Center maintains a databas

Human Rights and Kyoto's Carbon Offsetting Scheme

Weni Bagama, speaking at the Human Rights in the CDM side event
The Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism continues to be rocked by controversy. At a meeting on human rights in the CDM, two representatives for the Ngäbe-Buglé indigenous community in Panama gave a powerful account of the negative impacts of the CDM-supported Barro Blanco Dam.

Chronology of Events for Barro Blanco Dam (Panama)

M10 protest on the Pan-American Highway, 2011
This chronology was compiled to provide a clear picture of the stakeholder activities surrounding the Barro Blanco Dam in western Panama since its inception. The sources of information include first-hand accounts, blogs, official documents, and media reports. While we hope this will provide a comprehensive and useful resource for those interested in the project, we cannot vouch for the accuracy of all the information listed here. We welcome any corrections and additions you may have. Compiled by Melissa Orozco, Latin America Communications Intern 1981General Omar Torrijos was forced to cancel

Submission to the CDM EB Regarding Nam Ngum 5 (Lao PDR)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013
Dear Mr. Sengchandala and the CDM Executive Board, On behalf of International Rivers, we are writing to express concern about the proposed CDM Project 9038: Nam Ngum 5 in Lao PDR. Registration has been requested following a validation report by China Environmental United Certification Centre, Ltd. (Report No.11011127), which recommends approval. As a decision is expected to be made soon by the Executive Board, International Rivers trusts that you will consider these concerns seriously and carry out an immediate review of the project. The 120MW Nam Ngum 5 Hydropower Project is located on

Submission to the CDM EB Regarding Se San 4A (Vietnam)

Monday, March 11, 2013
Dear CDM Executive Board, We are writing to express our concern about the proposed CDM Project 9017: Se San 4A Hydropower Project in Vietnam. Registration has been requested following a validation report by TuV NORD CERT GmbH (Report No. MY-VAL-11/16-11/197), which recommends approval. As a decision is expected to be made soon by the Executive Board, we trust that you will take our concerns seriously and carry out an immediate review of the project, and on the basis of the project’s problems, reject its request for registration. Attached please find our submission on Project 9017, inc

World Water Day Marked By Death of Indigenous Anti-Dam Protester

M10 protest on the Pan-American Highway, 2011
On March 22 – World Water Day – a Ngäbe-Bugle indigenous man named Onesimo Rodriguez was found murdered, his body left in a nearby stream, after attending a protest rally against the 28.84 MW Barro Blanco Hydroelectric Project in western Panama. Tensions have been mounting in recent years as the dam draws closer to completion, despite the unresolved issues around the dam's impacts and the poor stakeholder consultation processes led by the project's proponents.

A Visit to the Kiad and Quebrada de Caña Communities of the Ngäbe

Kiad boy holding baby.
Photojournalist Rick Gerharter visited the Ngäbe-Buglé communities in Panama in February. His delegation documented their stories and the potential impacts of the Barro Blanco Dam, which if completed, would flood the lands and threaten the livelihoods of over 5,000 indigenous inhabitants. Last Friday, a member of the Ngobe community was murdered and one left seriously injured after a protest against the dam and its human rights violations.

Submission Regarding Human Rights to the CDM

Monday, March 25, 2013
Submission on Views Regarding the Revision of the CDM Modalities and Procedures Pursuant to paragraph 10 of Decision 5/CMP.8, the Human Rights & Climate Change Working Group, Abibimman Foundation, Alianza para la Conservación y el Desarrollo, Asociación Interamericana para la Defensa del Ambiente, Carbon Market Watch, Center for International Environmental Law, Centro de Estudios Ecológicos de la República Argentina, Climate Concept Foundation, Colectivo Revuelta Verde, Earthjustice, Foundation for GAIA, Gujarat Forum on CDM, International Rivers, International-Lawyers.Org, Klima ohne

Comments on the Panan Hydro-Electric Project (India)

Saturday, August 18, 2012
The PDD for the Panan Hydropower Project lacks accuracy and provides insufficient and non-rigorous information on a number of environmental issues; fails to mention the local opposition by the indigenous Lepcha tribal community; and omits a range of possible negative impacts on freshwater biodiversity and local terrestrial biodiversity, as well as a mitigation plan for seismic risks. In addition, the local stakeholder consultation process failed to include all families that would be directly or indirectly impacted by the project, and the project is common practice and likely non-additional.

Comments on the Jirau Dam (Brazil)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012
Comments on the Jirau Hydropower Project Submitted to Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Ltd. We are writing to express our concerns over the application for validation of the Jirau Hydropower Project in Brazil. The Project Design Document (PDD) for this project is flawed and inaccurate. In addition, CDM validation of this project would reward not only a clearly non-additional project, but also one of the most socially and environmentally destructive dams in the Amazon Basin. Summary of Key Concerns The project does not comply with the EU-ETS and EC regulation on the 3rd trading phase. G


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