World Bank Replies on WCD and Carbon Fund for Europe

Monday, September 5, 2005

Dear Ms. Schneider,

Thank you for your note of July 28 and the attached letter concerning the WB EIB Carbon Fund for Europe and hydro power projects. I refer you to the frequently asked questions on our website:, and the World Bank’s position on the report of the WCD at:, which should provide the information you are seeking.


Odin Knudsen
Senior Manager
Carbon Finance Business

Dear Ms. Schneider,

I am responding to your email of 09/05/05 on behalf of Odin Knudsen. Here is the specific link to the Q&A on the website that you requested Please take a look at questions 13, 14, and 15 in response to your original query. As Odin mentioned in his email to you of 08/23/05 you can find the World Bank’s position on the report of the WCD at:

We appreciate your interest in the carbon funds managed by the World Bank.

with best wishes ...

Anita Gordon
Senior Communications Officer
Carbon Finance Business
The World Bank
(p) 202–473–1799
(fax) 202–522–7432

More information: 
  • IRN press release on the EIB, EBRD and World Bank positions on applying Linking Directive criteria to hydro projects in their carbon funds