Rios Libres – Environmental Dispatches from Patagonia

Monday, June 24, 2013

This four part series of Environmental Dispatches from Patagonia created by film-maker James Q Martin and Rios Libres examines the different aspects of the struggle to protect Patagonia from the destructive HidroAysén project and the potential that exists for a truly sustainable energy future in Chile. Each video is accompanied by a guest blog written by experts and colleagues involved in the campaign to protect Patagonia.

Episode One – The People explores the lives of the people living in Chilean Patagonia – their history and culture which is intrinsically linked with the extraordinary landscape that surrounds them. The first installment is accompanied by a guest blog from Juan Pablo Orrego, the president of Ecosistemas and member of the Patagonia Defense Council.

Episode Two – The History examines the lasting legacy of large dams through the lens of the United States' own history of dam building. The second installment is accompanied by a guest blog from Craig Childs an author and adventurer with a passion for Patagonia.

Episode Three – The Alternatives focuses on the wide array of renewable energy options in Chile and alternatives to the destructive HidroAysén project in Patagonia. And the following guest blog by Amanda Maxwell from NRDC talks further about why HidroAysén is not necessary for Chile's energy future.

Episode Four – The People's Movement looks at how the fight to protect Patagonia has grown throughout Chile and spread internationally, strengthening the cries of "No a HidroAysén" (No to HidroAysén) and "Patagonia sin Represas" (Patagonia without Dams)! The final blog is by Kate Ross, International Rivers Patagonia Coordinator.