Random Prosecution and Arrest of Hamdab* Dam Affected People

Movement of Displaced (MOD)
Friday, December 10, 2004

The Security Organ of the Sudan Government has taken measures and moved to haphazardly prosecute and arrest persons whom the Organ doubted as supporters of the Movement of Displaced by Hamadab Dam (MOD).

The following persons were unlawfully arrested yesterday and taken to an undisclosed location:

1) Numeri Hassan Omar

2) Hassan Siddiq Atolabi

3) El Nazir Omar Al Tahir

    MOD openly declares that these persons are innocent people and have no relation whatsoever with the movement. It has become clear that the Security Organ believes that, just being from the dam affected area warrants arrest.

    The Movement strongly condemns the Security Organ and the measures it has taken against innocent individuals. The Movement further declares that, these perfidious measures confirm – once again – the malignant nature of the Security Organ and the utter incorrigibility of Sudan government towards the acceptance of the rule of law.

    We make it clear to the Government that such measures will definitely set fire to an already inflammable situation in the project area.

    We call upon all Human Rights Organizations to immediately demand from the government of Sudan the unequivocal release of these innocent persons.

    We once again re–iterate to all Sudanese political forces in general, and to our supporters in particular, that the movement is utterly determined to achieve what it set out to.

    Mohammed Khair Hassan Khaliefa
    Spokesperson, MOD

    *a.k.a. Merowe Dam