Rampur Hydropower Project

Friday, October 5, 2007
River Sutlej makes its way to Rampur Busher in Himachal Pradesh
River Sutlej makes its way to Rampur Busher in Himachal Pradesh
Himanshu Joshi

The Government of India is building the 412 MW Rampur Hydropower Project in Himachal Pradesh with support from the World Bank and the Clean Development Mechanism. The Indian Ministry of Environment and Forests granted an environmental clearance to the project in March 2006.This project will be the Bank’s first step in its planned re-engagement in the hydropower sector in India after more than ten years of shying away from funding water infrastructure projects in the country.

The communities to be affected by the project and the South Asian Network on Dams, Rivers and People (SANDRP) have concerns with the project and the related decision-making process. They have identified fundamental flaws in its Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and question the rationale for the project, including the fact that the dam will not produce peaking power, which is the most needed electricity in India. "There is need for a fresh EIA to be done by a more credible agency, in full consultation with the people of the area and others concerned. Only on the basis of such an EIA can the project be considered for clearance. Till such time, all works related to the project should be stopped in the interests of the people of the area, state, country and in the interest of power sector," says Himanshu Thakkar of SANDRP.


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This letter from the Indian government addresses details of the planned Rampur Hydroelectric Project and gives clearance for the commencement of construction. It notes that 215 families from four villages will be affected by the project.

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