Petition Against Lahmeyer Involvement in Hamadab Dam Project / Sudan

Thursday, April 8, 2004

Dr. Henning Northdurft, President
Lahmeyer Int. Gmbh
Friedberger St. 173
61118 Bad Vilbel

Dear Dr. Northdurft,

Petition against Lahmeyer involvement in Hamadab Dam Project / Sudan

Attached please find a petition signed by different individuals and organizations from around the world against Lahmeyer involvement in Hamadab dam project in Northern Sudan.

There clearly enough evidences on the ground to make Lahmeyer reconsider its involvement in the project and withdraw from it.

The way this project was planned, designed and being implemented, violates the guidelines setforth by the World Commission on Dam, World Bank, UN and all other internationally accepted standards.

Since 1992 to–date, the government has categorically refused to negotiate with the affected people. Not only that, but in 2002, the government of Sudan issued a presidential decree confiscating the land of the affected people, without due consultations with their representatives. Further to this, in September 2003, when the people of Korgheli village organized a peaceful protest to express their grievances, the government security crushed the protest with live bullets, tear gas, etc., injuring many helpless villagers, some of whom are still receiving treatment in hospitals.

The Government has also maintained strict media censorship on the project. Since 1992 the affected people have been denied any media access. Those who tried to talk or discuss the issue have been detained and tortured.

In this regards we would like to draw Lahmeyer attention to the European Parliament resolution on Sudan (PE 342.521) adopted on 31st of March 2004. We particularly refer to the points (3, 6, 7, 10, 11, 36) in the resolution.

In line with different points raised in the petition together with others points highlighted in this letter, I urge your firm to withdraw from the project and join the world wide campaign against the government of Sudan to respect human rights, and make the necessary changes to the project design to meet the standards required by WCD and other similar organizations as mentioned in this letter.

Sincerely yours,


A. Askouri
Campaign Coordinator
Hamadab (Merowi) Dam Project

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