Millions More to be Moved for Three Gorges Dam

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Chinese authorities have announced that as many as four million more people may need to be forcibly resettled to address the ever-increasing environmental impacts of the Three Gorges Dam Project. The people would be moved to curb pollution and prevent further erosion of the reservoir banks, which already threatens an environmental catastrophe and the project’s viability.

International Rivers Network is extremely concerned about the dam’s human cost, which is spiraling out of control. More than one million people have already been forcibly displaced by the project, which is the biggest resettlement in dam-building history. The project’s resettlement has been plagued by corruption and serious human rights violations.

"The experience of the Three Gorges Dam Project confirms that governments, contractors and funders consistently underestimate the social and environmental impacts of large dams," said Aviva Imhof, International Rivers Network's Campaigns Director. "While the funders and equipment suppliers have taken their cut and have walked away from the project, the affected people are paying the price for their negligence and greed with shattered livelihoods on a massive scale.

"Companies and export credit agencies from Brazil, Canada, Germany, France, Sweden and Switzerland share the responsibility for the unfolding disaster of the Three Gorges Project. Together with the Chinese government, they should ensure that the rights of the affected people are protected," Ms Imhof concluded.