Letter to the Editor: “Talking to the Experts: Can we improve the ESIA Process?”

Tom King
Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I was very gratified to see the articles in the latest World Rivers  Review by Haven Livingston, Paul Fisher, and others about the failures of environmental (and social impact) analyses (ESIA).  I have been beating a similar drum in and around the ESIA consulting community in the United States for some time, with very discouraging results.  It's  great to see the issue getting broader attention; I only hope it does some  good.

While the issue is a serious one with respect to hydro projects,  ESIA on other kinds of projects -- including such green activities as wind and solar development -- is just as bad, resulting in the construction of ill-considered projects and failures to consider realistic alternatives. I hope your articles get more attention than mine have.