Frank Muramuzi, National Association of Professional Environmentalists, Uganda

address: Plot 951/952, Bombo Road, P.O. Box 29909
Kampala, Uganda
tel: +256 414 530181
mobile: +256 772 492362

Personal background

I am the Executive Director of the National Association of Professional Environmentalists, of which I am a founding member. NAPE advocates for sustainable use of natural resources. I have a Bachelors degree in Environmental Education of Makerere International Institute of Environmental and Practical Skills and a Diploma in Adult Education of Makerere University.

NGO, movement or network

National Association of Professional Environmentalists (NAPE) is a registered indigenous environmental NGO that works on a number of environmental issues with a specific focus on lobby and advocacy for sustainable use of natural resources in the area of water and energy to ensure transparency and accountability in development process. NAPE was formed in 1997 and registered with the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 1998. It is a membership organization with over 50 members.

Current campaigns

  • Campaign against illegal limestone mining in protected areas (Queen Elizabeth National Park)
  • Campaign for better compensation and resettlement process for big infrastructure development e.g. dams and oil mining.
  • Campaign for transparency and accountability in these development processes
  • Campaign against degradation of forests, wetlands and advocate for better polices that promote sustainable use of the natural resources and also promoting the traditional/cultural practices for the management of forests.
  • Campaign for observation of human rights by government, e.g. water and land rights for marginalized communities.
  • Led a team of requestors to invite the World Bank's Inspection Panel and African Development Bank to come to Uganda to investigate issues and concerns of the Bujagali dam project

Personal comment on his campaign efforts

I have dedicated most of time advocating for sustainable use of natural resources. I have strongly advocated for transparency and accountability in the management of natural resources by all people especially leaders, private developers/actors. My efforts have been recognized locally and internationally. I have been punished at times for my strong campaigns against degradation of natural resources and violation of human rights to the extent of being imprisoned.

I still believe that the biggest part of the society still appreciates my efforts and I hope together with other concerted efforts from CSOs, CBOs and vulnerable communities, we shall keep on pushing for better use and management of these resources and respect of human rights.