Colombian Community Paints an Anti-Dam Message

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Colombian community of La Jagua, now threatened by the El Quimbo Dam, recently painted a series of murals depicting their opposition to the project and their hopes for a better future. We talked to a Colombian member of the group Entre Aguas, which helped coordinate the project. 

The mural was an initiative of young people and children from the community of La Jagua, who care about the future of their territory. More than 50 people aged 6-30 years participated in the project. The purpose of the mural was to create a space where young people impacted by construction of El Quimbo could express themselves and paint the future they want for their country. The site chosen for the mural is a 200-year-old adobe wall, which is part of La Jagua Educational Institute. A local committee repaired and painted the wall in preparation.  

Right now, this is a territory without dams. The community’s main argument against El Quimbo is the imposition of a megaproject without consultation of impacted communities. This project is destroying the social fabric of communities, regional economies, food sovereignty and the environment.

The Beehive Design Collective, through their Pollination Project, has helped the community of La Jagua since 2008 in their opposition against El Quimbo Hydroelectric Project. The mural was initiated by the Pollination Project, the Jaguos for Territory Collective, and Urban Artist Gouache.