International Rivers Recommendations to Sinohydro on its Environment and Social Policies

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Since 2009, International Rivers has communicated with Sinohydro on matters relating to overseas dam building. Sinohydro has accepted International Rivers’ recommendation that it should adopt an environmental policy consistent with international standards. Along with several external experts, International Rivers made detailed recommendations on environmental and social policy standards that Sinohydro should adopt.

Our Contribution and Comments

In the interests of transparency and accountability of our own advocacy efforts, International Rivers comments on Sinohydro's draft policies can be viewed below. As noted below, we also reviewed several drafts of the environmental policy framework. Our comments and submissions were drawn from consultations with our regional offices and Chinese NGOs partners.

We hope the sharing of these documents facilitates other Chinese dam building companies to understand the expectations of them when operating in environmentally sensitive environments and communicating with affected communities.


Policy Document Name

2011 - Policy Framework for Sustainable Development

International Rivers Comments 1

International Rivers Comments 2


2013 - Health, Safety and Environment Operations Manual

International Rivers Comments


2013 - Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

Policy Document

2014 - Sinohydro Sustainable Development Policy

International Rivers Comments

Policy Document

2014 - Statement on Ethical Principles


Policy Document

2014 - Sinohydro Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

International Rivers Submission