1999 - Day of Action for Rivers

Elizabeth Brink & Susanne Wong

In 1999, thousands of people joined together in solidarity to speak out against dams and for rivers. 56 events were organized in 20 countries for the 1999 Day of Action. Many events were organized to protest against destructive development projects, demand compensation and rehabilitation for people affected by dams and to educate people about threats to their rivers.

From Brazil to India and Thailand, people demanded reparations for those forced off their lands for dams. In Japan and Australia, activists held events to educate people about the impacts of dams.
People also gathered to celebrate victories and begin the process of restoration. In Argentina, people organized a watersports and fishing festival on the Parana River to celebrate their victory against the Parana Medio Dam. In Russia, people from the "Let’s Help the River Volga" movement initiated negotiations to demolish small dams in Nizhni Novgorod Province.

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