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“Everything Depends on Conservation” | River Guardian Macarena Soler

Macarena Soler fights for Patagonia.
Chilean lawyer Macarena Soler had the fight of her life defending Patagonia from a massive dam scheme. Now she's fighting to save endangered species, as well as Chile's Maipo River. That's why she's this month's River Guardian.

River Guardians

In 2015, we began a new series devoted to the people who have shaped – and are still shaping – river movements around the world. These are our partners, our collaborators and our inspirations – part of the web of activists, thinkers, researchers and dam-affected peoples who are building a living movement to protect rivers and all the life that depends on them. Together, one river at a time, we are making a difference. Meet the River GuardiansWang Yong Chen What Wang Yong Chen has accomplished is truly inspiring. In the early 2000s, Wang and a few other Chinese environmentalists intensifi
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