Lula Contemplates his Navel

Lula Points to his Navel
Lula Points to his Navel Archive As Obama has said, "Lula's the man." So, all ears tuned in on Lula the other day in Londrina, Paraná when he spoke of his role in achieving the licensing of the Madeira River dams. What follows is a direct transcript of Lula's words of wisdom, with the help of a translator to more clearly elucidate his technical arguments: " So I think that today we no longer should no longer discuss these themes ideologically, and we should instead sit around the table and discuss how we can make them (the projects) better...I remember it as if it

Three Gorges Dam – Still China’s Model for the World?

Three Gorges Dam construction
Three Gorges Dam construction Chris De Bode On his eight-day visit to China, Nepal’s Prime Minister Prachanda planned to visit the Three Gorges Dam this week. He would have followed in the footsteps of dignitaries from South Africa, Congo, Switzerland and many other countries. China is aggressively marketing the Three Gorges Project to the rest of the world. As it happened, Nepal’s Prime Minister resigned just before leaving for China. Yet the propaganda efforts around the Yangtze reservoir beg the question: Is the Three Gorges Dam still China’s model for the world? The dam on the Ya

Estudio del río Madera: Remanso Hidráulico y Sedimentación

Tuesday, July 15, 2008
Lea el relato del Instituto de Hidráulica y Hidrologia de Bolivia sobre impactos en Bolívia de las represas del rio Madeira.

Environmentalists Blast Construction License for Amazon Dam

Thursday, August 14, 2008
Environmental organizations have condemned the Brazilian government´s approval of a license for construction of Santo Antonio Dam, on the Madeira River in the Brazilian Amazon. The groups say that Brazil´s environmental protection service, Ibama, has caved in to political interests, ignoring the advice of its own technical staff in licensing the dam, and approving a mitigation plan which will do little to decrease its impacts.Santo Antonio Dam would be the first of two dams to be built on the Madeira, the Amazon´s principal tributary. Environmental impact assessments predict serious impacts

Introduction and Article "The Madeira Hydroelectric and Hidrovia project – Cornerstone of IIRSA"

Wednesday, June 25, 2008
Article on the history of the Madeira River complex, and the Brazilian government´s efforts to gain approval for the project, no matter what the cost.

Águas Turvas: Alertas sobre as Conseqüências de Barrar o Maior Afluente do Amazonas

Wednesday, June 25, 2008
Águas Turvas: Conseqüências de Barrar o Maior Afluente do Amazonas analise o projeto hidrelétrico e hidroviário do rio Madeira, na Amazônia Brasileira. Através de artigos sobre a história do projeto, hidrologia e sedimentação, peixes e pesca, mercúrio, e impactos sócio-econômicos, o livro é uma ferramenta importante para comunidades, ativistas, jornalistas, e outros, inclusive as autoridades para aprofundar o seu entendimento de questões chaves afetando o projeto, e também as implicações potenciais da sua construção.

"Muddy Waters" Executive Summary

Wednesday, June 25, 2008
Muddy Waters: Impacts of Damming the Amazon's Principal TributaryPrefaceThe articles in this book are intended to serve as a tool for those who seek to better understand the Madeira River hydroelectric and industrial waterway complex (hidrovia), its history, and its implications for the Amazon region. The initiative to publish this book came from the non-governmental organization Bank Information Center, headquartered in Washington DC, as part of the studies on the projects of greatest impact in the Initiative for the Integration of South American Regional Infrastructure (IIRSA) for its BICECA

The Amazon River´s Largest Tributary is under Threat

Monday, September 10, 2007
Publication by International Rivers, Friends of the Earth Amazonia, Friends of the Earth Brazil and others sounds an alert to the threat posed by dams planned for the Madeira River

Sedimentation Problems with Dams

Excerpt from Silenced Rivers: The Ecology and Politics of Large Dams, by Patrick McCully, Zed Books, London, 1996 All rivers contain sediments: a river, in effect, can be considered a body of flowing sediments as much as one of flowing water. When a river is stilled behind a dam, the sediments it contains sink to the bottom of the reservoir. The proportion of a river’s total sediment load captured by a dam – known as its "trap efficiency" – approaches 100 per cent for many projects, especially those with large reservoirs. As the sediments accumulate in the reservoir, so the da

Independent Review Reveals Serious Flaws in Sudan’s Merowe Dam

Wednesday, March 22, 2006
The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the Merowe Dam in Sudan, the largest hydropower project currently under construction in Africa, is of poor quality and does not address many of the project’s potential impacts on the environment. These are the main findings of an independent review of the EIA which was just published by EAWAG, the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology. The Merowe Dam is a prominent example of China’s expansive role as an investor in international energy and mining projects. International Rivers Network calls on the companies that are dev


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