World Rivers Review – China Triggers Global Dam Boom – Sept. 2007

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Overview: China's economic expansion is adding pressure on the world’s rivers, and triggering a new global dam boom.

The world's biggest dam builder is going global. The Chinese government is supporting the development of controversial dams in Africa, Southeast Asia and other parts of the world to create jobs for China, and to strengthen relations with other governments. The latest issue of our news magazine World Rivers Review examines the role that China is playing in damming the world's rivers.

What's Inside:

Articles on China's global reach

  • Commentary: The Three Gorges Dam is suffering serious problems. Is China learning the lessons of its own dam projects for its global ventures?
  • Nepal: The West Seti Dam may benefit China and India, but not most Nepalis.
  • Southeast Asia: China's role in damming the region's rivers is complex and problematic.
  • Mozambique: Local activists wonder if China is a new colonial power, with its logging and damming activities there.
  • Map: A look at the world's dams that are "made in China."

Articles on Other Topics

  • Solutions: A primer on dam-free hydropower.
  • Latin America: Amazon dams move forward, while proposed dams in Patagonia get green-washing.
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