World Rivers Review, Vol. 22, No. 4 - December 2007

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Featured Story: Promises for Pakistan

An article in the December issue of World Rivers Review takes you on a tour of Washington, DC during World Bank Annual Meeting season with a visiting activist from Pakstan. Three years ago, Mustafa, who lives in Sindh, Pakistan, had filed a request with the World Bank Inspection Panel to investigate a Bank-funded drainage project in his neighborhood. Now, he was to come to the Annual Meetings of the World Bank to tell the story of the Bank's misguided response to the Inspection Panel investigation and to give a first-hand account of the many problems the project had created on the ground.

What's Inside

  • Climate Change: Hydro projects are garnering carbon credits based on a "foundation of lies."
  • Commentary: The World Bank must address its past legacy of dam building.
  • Uganda: Will a new dam on the Nile solve Uganda's energy crisis?
  • Panama: A series of proposed dams threatens the biologically rich La Amistad International Park and indigenous peoples.
  • Cuba: Renewable energy is empowering the island nation.
  • China: The government has grandiose plans to engineer its way out of a looming water crisis.
  • Ecuador: The "water capital of the world" is facing a water crisis, and dams are at the heart of the conflict.
  • Brazil: A bishop fasts to protect the Sao Francisco River.
  • In Print: Reviews of noteworthy new publications.
  • US: A victory for the Mississippi.