World Rivers Review: Focus on Restoring the Flow - June 2011

Monday, June 6, 2011

WRR Cover The June issue of World Rivers Review is overflowing with ideas on on how to maintain healthy flows in rivers, for their health and our own. If a river's flow is its heartbeat, then we humans have become the heart disease of the world's rivers. We’ve clogged most of our major rivers with dams, and given up all too many once-great rivers for dead once we’ve used them up. The good news: it’s not too late to change. The articles in this issue look at three ways to solve the problem of maintaining healthy river flows.

Featured articles:

Commentary: Watching the River Flow.
Decommissioning: Updates on dam-removals on the Klamath, Elwha rivers.
Downstream Impacts: Indian activists take on an issue policy makers have ignored
Environmental Flows: Can they be enforced? Excerpt from a new report.
Free-flowing Rivers: Policy solutions from around the globe.
Photo Essay: The Aral Sea – the ultimate argument for healthy flows for rivers.

Also in this issue:

China: Nu River dams raise safety concerns, biodiversity risk.
Making Waves: Signs of hope from the global movement to protect rivers.
News Briefs: All the river news that’s fit to print.
Clean Energy: Advances in unconventional hydropower.