All the Way to the Ocean

Ocean pollution often starts in our communities, when trash and pollutants enter storm drains and rivers. Joel Harper, the author of a beautiful new children’s book, “All the Way to the Ocean” contacted International Rivers recently to see if we could help him distribute the Chinese version of the book. We helped him get in touch with Marine Dream and Roots and Shoots in China, and we liked his book so much we decided to plug the book right here!

Why is this kid’s book so exciting?

1. The writing is both fun and informative – inspiring for kids and adults alike;
2. The drawings (by Marq Spusta) are beautiful and touching (my personal favorite is the drawing of ocean critters being impacted by our garbage);
3. The book gets serious cool points – there’s a forward by famed surfer Laird Hamilton and the two heroes of the book – Isaac and James – are skaters (and Isaac’s brother is a surfer). Plus, Joel Harper is Ben Harper’s brother and co-owns a music store.
4. The mom is a smart cookie, and James and Isaac get props for a good, green idea!
5. It is also available in Mandarin Chinese and Spanish.

I won’t spoil it for you, but read the story yourself, order a copy for a budding ecologist you may know, and remember - storm drains lead “all the way to the ocean.”

Check it out at – the website also has some great resources for teachers.