Board of Directors

I worked on water issues for 20 years and served as a Commissioner on the World Commission on Dams. I joined the Board of International Rivers because I am committed to a future with healthy, free-flowing rivers that nourish communities. International Rivers is the only international organization strategically focused on restoring rivers and respecting human rights. I have seen first-hand how communities, cultures, and rivers can be devastated by dams. As part of the Board, I am contributing to International Rivers' work to find water and energy solutions that are good for people and the planet.

- Deborah Moore, International Rivers Board Treasurer

Board Members

Brent Blackwelder

President Emeritus, Friends of the Earth

Gary Cook, Vice Chair
Senior Energy Analyst, Greenpeace International

Robert Hass, Honorary Member
Poet; Professor of English, University of California at Berkeley

Leslie Leslie
Retired, Former Grants Director, Fred Gellert Family Foundation

Patrick McCully
Climate and Energy Program Director, Rainforest Action Network; former Executive Director, International Rivers

Virali Modi-Parekh, Secretary
Director of Communications, Venture Strategies Innovations

Deborah Moore, Treasurer

Executive Director, Green Schools Initiative

Juan Pablo Orrego 
President, Ecosistemas and International Coordinator, Patagonia Defense Council (CDP)

Athena Ronquillo-Ballesteros
Director, Sustainable Finance Center at World Resources Institute

Melina Selverston
International policy advocate and writer, Founder and Former Director of Amazon Alliance for Indigenous Peoples and Their Environment

Scott Spann, Chair

Founder & Strategist, Innate Strategies

Susanne Wong
Former Southeast Asia Campaigner, International Rivers 


International Advisory Board

International Rivers also has Advisory Board members based in the US and worldwide. Periodically they are called upon by International Rivers’ Board and staff to provide advice in their areas of expertise. They do not receive financial compensation from International Rivers in their roles as Advisory Board members.

Célio Bermann
University of São Paulo, Brazil

Lila Buckley
Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University, UK

Joan Carling
Cordillera Peoples Alliance, Philippines

Gustavo Castro Soto
Otros Mundos Chiapas, Mexico

Nga Dao
Center for Water Resources Conservation and Development, Vietnam

Shripad Dharmadhikary
Manthan Resource Centre, India

Philip Fearnside
National Institute for Research in the Amazon, Brazil

Liane Greeff
Writer/Photgrapher; African Rivers Network, South African Water Caucus, South Africa

Nicholas Hildyard
The Corner House, England

Naeem Iqbal
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Pakistan; Founder, Pakistan Network on Rivers, Dams and People

Carl Middleton
Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Frank Muramuzi
National Association of Professional Environmentalists, Uganda

Astrid Puentes
Inter-American Association for Environmental Defense, Mexico/Colombia

Lúcia Schild Ortiz
Friends of the Earth, Brazil

Himanshu Thakkar
South Asia Network on Dams, Rivers and People, India

Dipti Vaghela
Renewable energy consultant 

US Advisory Board

Marilyn Bancel
Principal, West Coast office, The Oram Group, Inc.

Martha Belcher
Vice President, Customer Care at Sungevity; former Chair International Rivers Board of Directors

André Carothers
Non-profit consultant; partner at Spruce Advisers; Senior Fellow at the Rockwood Leadership Institute; former Vice Chair International Rivers Board of Directors

Patricia W. Chang
CEO, Feed The Hunger Foundation

Gigi Coe
Board President, The Bay School of San Francisco

Peter Coyote
Actor and writer

Christina L. Desser
Fellow, Tomales Bay Institute

Huey D. Johnson
Founder and President, Resource Renewal Institute

Barbara Rose Johnston
Center for Political Ecology; Professor, Michigan State University

Dorka Keehn
Commissioner, Commission of the Status of Women for the City and County of San Francisco; Chair, San Francisco’s Justice and Courage Domestic Violence Panel

Lauren Klein Hayes
WELL Network

Nion McEvoy
Chairman and CEO, Chronicle Books


Juliette Majot
Activist; non-profit consultant; former Executive Director, International Rivers

Mutombo Mpanya
Professor of international environmental studies; Director of the Science and Humanities Integration Project, Sonoma State

Mayumi Oda
Artist; Co-founder, INOCHI and Plutonium Free Future organizations

Drummond Pike
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Tides Network

Paul Polak
Founder and CEO, Windhorse International;
Founder & Board Member, International Development Enterprises (IDE); Founder & Board Member, D-Rev; Author "Out of Poverty"

Gary Snyder
Poet; Professor Emeritus, University of California at Davis

Paul Strasburg
Activist, farmer. Former Chair, International Rivers Board of Directors

Lara Truppelli
Chair, Ocean Beach Vision Council, City and County of San Francisco; Co-founder and proprietor, San Francisco's Beach Chalet Brewery & Restaurant and Park Chalet Garden Restaurant

Lori Udall
Program Director, Sacharuna Foundation

South Asia Advisory Board

Janaka Ratnasiri
Sri Lanka

Dipak Gyawali
Research Director, Nepal Water Conservation Foundation, Nepal

Aimal Khan

Mohd. Abdul Matin
General Secretary, Bangladesh Poribesh Andolan, Bangladesh

Himanshu Thakkar
South Asia Network on Dams, Rivers & People, India

Shripad Dharmadhikary
Manthan Resource Centre, India

Latha Anantha
River Research Centre, India

Rural Volunteer Centre, India

KJ Joy
Society For Promoting Participative Ecosystem, Management, India 

Neeraj Vagholikar