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Dam-Dependent Zambezi Basin Unprepared for Climate Change

Tuesday, September 18, 2012
An in-depth study warns that new and proposed dams on Southern Africa’s largest river are ill-prepared to withstand the shocks of a changing climate.

A Risky Climate for Southern African Hydro

The 13 major sub-basins of the Zambezi River Basin.
Wednesday, September 19, 2012
An in-depth study of the hydrological risks to hydropower dams on the Zambezi River gives an early warning about what Southern Africa could be facing as it contemplates plans for more large hydropower dams in a time of climate change.

Xingu Rising

Friday, August 31, 2012
The Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in June of 2012. President Dilma Rousseff had the nerve to talk about making "promises for the type of future that we want" through "growth, inclusion and protection," while at the same time doing everything in her power to push through construction of the destructive Belo Monte Dam in the Amazon – without the approval of the tens of thousands of people who would be affected.

The Brazilian Electricity Sector and Sustainability in the 21st Century: Opportunities and Challenges

Sunday, November 11, 2012
This publication presents the results of a joint effort undertaken by a group of researchers and socio-environmental NGOs aimed at promoting critical analysis and proposals for new public policies to meet the challenges of Brazil’s electrical energy sector in the 21st century.

Civil Society Letter to the Brazilian Designated National Authority

Thursday, June 14, 2012
Mr. Sanderson Alberto Medeiros Leitão Global Climate Changes Division Head Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation Esplanada dos Ministérios, Bloco E - 2 andar - sala 268 70067-900, Brasilia-DF Brazil Dear Mr. Sanderson Alberto Medeiros Leitão, We are writing to express our concern regarding the applications of controversial large Brazilian dam projects for carbon credits within the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). These projects include the Madeira Complex projects – 3150 MW Santo Antônio Hydropower Project and the 3750 MW Jirau Dam – and the 1820 MW Teles Pires Dam in th

Toolkit for Educators: Climate Change, Rivers and Dams

Glacial lakes in Bhutan
International Rivers has created a toolkit, Climate Change, Rivers and Dams: A Video Exploration, for educators and community leaders around the issue of dams, rivers and climate change. This toolkit includes a lesson plan that features the "Wrong Climate for Damming Rivers" 3-D Google Earth video, which uses Google Earth to visualize what might happen to the world's major rivers when climate change and the current dam-building boom collide. This toolkit also includes the video, extension ideas, and links to additional resources. Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Hundreds Occupy Belo Monte Dam Site in Brazilian Amazon

    For Immediate Release October 28, 2011 UPDATE: Statement from partners on #OCCUPYBELOMONTEDAM Altamira, Brazil - (Direct statement by participating groups, as translated) Yesterday the Belo Monte Dam construction site was occupied by 400 indigenous people, fishermen and riverine community members who oppose the project due to its severe environmental impacts and human rights violations. The occupation was a collective decision from 700 representatives from local communities who attended a seminar against the Belo Monte Dam held this week in Altamira, and proved an important step

Wrong Climate for Big Dams

Thursday, November 3, 2011
Destroying Rivers Will Worsen Climate CrisisRead the full fact sheet: (English)(Spanish)(Portuguese)(Chinese)(Hindi)(Bangla)(German)(Urdu)(Russian) Proponents of large dams, hoping to capitalize on concern for climate change, are promoting a major expansion of large dams in developing countries. Yet large dams are highly vulnerable to climate change, which is changing rivers in ways we cannot predict. At the same time, healthy rivers are critical for helping people adapt to a changing climate. We need a water and energy revolution that dramatically cuts climate pollution and preserves the plan

Healthy Rivers

Godafoss Waterfall, Iceland
Godafoss Waterfall, Iceland Healthy rivers are the lifelines of our planet. Rivers and their watersheds – and the rich variety of life they sustain – provide people with water, food, medicines, building materials, land-replenishing silts, and more. They mitigate floods and droughts, support forests, recharge groundwater supplies, sustain fisheries, and provide byways for travel. We cannot do without the goods and services that aquatic ecosystems provide, and we cannot replicate them. Protecting our rivers now is the health insurance policy we all need for a climate-challenged future. A r

Take Action for Rivers 2011

Kayak activists in Spain, part of COAGRET’s weekend of actions.
Be Inspired, Get Creative, Take Action!Harness the Creative Power of Our Global Movement for Rivers and RightsOn March 14, 2011 unite with communities around the world and take part in the fourteenth Annual International Day of Action Against Dams and For Rivers, Water and Life. Be inspired to hold your own creative action: Express your love for rivers through music and dance, speak out against human rights violations with paintings and photographs, and call for a better energy and water management model through poetry and words. Add your voice to this expanding international movement. Kayak a

International Rivers em Português

International Rivers mantem varias campanhas em todo o mundo, inclusive no Brasil. Nosso trabalho se enfoca principalmente em parar as barragens mais destrutivas, que ameaçam os rios e as pessoas que dependem deles.  Mas não somente isso; também promovemos melhoras nos normas internacionais de financiamento para infraestrutura e a mudança climática, e soluções inovadoras para o abastecimento da energia e da água. Aqui está um dos mais atuais exemplos do nosso trabalho em Brasil: Animação em 3-D com narração de Dira Paes mostra impactos de Belo Monte e de mais 60 hidrelétricas