Nu River

The Nu River: China’s Biodiversity Epicenter

The Nu River, October 2015
The Nu River, October 2015 Li Xiao Long What comes to mind when you think of the words “China” and “environment”?Most people will conjure images of cities obscured by smog, rivers choked by massive dams, and a denuded countryside. But tucked away in the country’s southwest corner is a magnificent, undammed river that’s a hotspot of biodiversity and a beacon of ecological hope in a country thirsty for it. It’s called the Nu River. Last month, we convened a research trip that brought scientists to survey a 618 km segment of the Nu River in Yunnan province. Scientists know they nee

China Dam Project Slated for Nu River Quietly Passes Key Hurdle

Thursday, August 14, 2014
Controversial efforts in China to construct a dam on the free-flowing Nu River recently got a quiet boost. In a little-noticed July decision made public last week, a corporate statement quoted an expert panel in approving a pre-feasibility study for a dam on the river in Tibet. According to the statement, also published on official news portal China Energy News , the panel formed by China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute, Tibet’s economic planning department and associated organizations concluded the feasibility study “basically meets the survey and design requirements at this stage.
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