World Rivers Review – June 2014

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

This issue captures the range of key issues we need to consider in the quest for increasing energy and water supply. From the climate risks facing an increasingly dammed Amazon, to the potential for improving “water democracy” through better planning, to the importance of preserving key river-laced biodiversity hotspots in places like the Balkans, our authors are asking the tough questions and reporting on complex issues in an accessible way. From a dam blockade in Sarawak to the steep canyon of the Marañón River in Peru, we’re reporting from the frontlines of the fight to protect the arteries of our blue planet. We hope you enjoy the tour.

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What’s Inside

  • China: A new report on China’s rivers describes a few glimmers of hope in a crisis state, and lays out some recommendations.
  • Commentary: Finding inspiration from River People around the globe.
  • Sarawak: Small hydro is better for rural electrification than megadams, a new study shows.
  • Amazon: Climate extremes are raising concerns for hydropower boom.
  • Book excerpt: Chasing Water lays out a plan for improving water democracy.
  • Peru: International Rivers’ Monti Aguirre reports on her trip to the dam-threatened Marañón river valley.
  • Europe: A new coalition is fighting to preserve the “blue heart of Europe” in the Balkans.
  • India: An expert panel recommends cancelling 23 dams planned for a flood-damaged Himalayan valley in Uttarakhand state.  
  • Zambezi: Kariba Dam, one of Africa’s biggest, is at risk of failure.

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