China's Global Role: Other Resources

Monday, October 8, 2007

Resources for further research on China's role in dam building overseas, organized into the following categories: International Rivers's partners; civil society organizations, networks, and publications; academic sites; Chinese banks and export credit agencies; Chinese government institutions; and, Chinese dam building companies.

Civil Society Organizations, Networks, and Publications

  • Friends of the Earth. Friends of the Earth works to monitor and influence commercial banks and their lending practices within China.
  • Bank Track Bank Track is a network of 24 international civil society organizations tracking private finance and its environmental and social impacts.
  • China Development Brief "China Development Brief is an independent publication established in 1996 to report on social development and civil society in China."
  • Global Environment Initiative (Beijing, China) GEI is a Chinese non-profit, non-governmental organization that, among other goals, "develops the capacity of China's leaders and civil society to design, implement and enforce socially and ecologically sound development policy.
  • Diakonia, a Christian development organization, recently published "China and the end of poverty in Africa – towards mutual benefit?" - a report written in collaboration with European Network on Debt and Development (Eurodad) analysing Chinese development assistance policies in Africa.
  • Earth Rights International Through its Burma project, "ERI collects vital on-the-ground information about the human rights and environmental situation in Burma." Recently, ERI published a report on Chinese investments in infrastructure in Burma.
  • ECA-Watch "ECA Watch is an organizing and outreach mechanism of the larger international campaign to reform Export Credit Agencies (ECAs)."
  • WWF China "In its “Re-think China’s Outward Investment Flows” report released on April 25, WWF, the global conservation organisation, reveals that the main economic driver behind China’s growing outward investment is the country’s need to acquire natural resources to supply products to developed nations such as the United States and the European Union, and build economic welfare at home through a Western development model."

Academic Sites

Chinese Banks and Export Credit Agencies

Chinese Government Institutions

Chinese Dam Building Companies