Creativity Shines on Day of Action for Rivers

Kate Ross

Nature Action Group took to the mountains
Nature Action Group took to the mountains
Nature Action Group


International Day of Action for Rivers events made front page news around the world this week, here's just some of that headline news:


  • Day of Action for Rivers Delights in Dalian, China
  • The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Turkish River Activists
  • Boats Float down the Papagayo River in protest of La Parota Dam
  • Thousands of Fisherman Celebrate Life on the Xingu River in Brazil
  • Baked Fish Repopulate the Elbe River in Czech Republic
  • Activists Fight for the Last Free-Flowing Section of Teesta River in Sikkim, India
  • The Future of Life, People and the Environment Explored through Powerful Photo Exhibit in Mozambique
    Mekong River Worship
    Mekong River Worship
    Pai Deetes

Okay, so these were not the actual headlines of the week, but they are just some of the highlights from what was a truly incredible Day of Action For Rivers.

With so many amazing events, it's been hard to know where to begin. Whether first to describe the River Meets Light festival which took place in Malaysia, put on by a group of young artists and activists who created a multimedia presentation aimed at revitalizing rivers? Or to talk about the 12 different actions that happened in 11 cities around Turkey; and not just in the cities, but on mountain tops and in caves? Or perhaps to start with the 200 villagers who gathered on the bank of the Salween River to honor both the Mekong and Salween rivers with a religious ceremony?

Children painting
Children painting "Green Bags" in honor of the rivers
Blue Dalian
Clearly it does not matter where I begin as every event that took place as part of the International Day of Action For Rivers was incredible and inspiring. On March 14 the global movement for rivers and rights exuded passion and creativity.

Such creativity inspired more than 105 actions in 34 countries around the world. You can now read a full description of all of the actions by region and country.

Words cannot fully do these actions justice so please also check out the photos and videos from around the world. 

If you held an event for the International Day of Action For Rivers we would love to hear about it. Please email