Human-Induced Choking

Denise Simbi
March to Save the Salween River
March to Save the Salween River
International Rivers

They think it’s far from them,

Far from affecting their livelihoods,

Far from affecting future generations,

Far from thwarting their attempts to alleviate poverty,

Unknown to many due to ignorance and interim living,

Less and less people have eyes to see,

Many too deaf to hear the loud cry,

From the ends of the earth,

From the hearts of many nations,

Each heart cries loud in anguish,

That its very life is being gouged out,

Patagonian Waterfall
Patagonian Waterfall
International Rivers

Little by little, the arteries are being choked,

Choked by the decisions made without consultation,

Choked by the actions of those whose lives are seemingly not affected,

The life each heart once had sold short,

Blood clogged, passages disrupted, nutrient flow affected,

First it was red, now it is purple; soon it will be black,

The heart that once pumped with exuberant life now lifeless,

They thought and still think they’re doing themselves a favour,

They convinced us that we too would benefit,

But, all they have done is take away from us,

The very core of our lives and livelihoods,

The very core of human living and ecological wellbeing,

The Amazon in Our Hands
The Amazon in Our Hands
International Rivers

They have not borrowed from us; they have taken away,

Not only from us and our future generations,

But from themselves and their future generations too,

For the rivers are no longer free,

And the people are no longer living,

How far will they go in choking the very heart of the earth?

How long will it take for all to know?

That to choke the heart of each nation is to plunge its people into poverty?

That to choke the heart of each nation is to dam its RIVERS?!

Thursday, March 17, 2016