World Rivers Review – Sept. 2013: Focus on World Bank and Dams

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The World Bank, long the world’s most influential supporter of large dam construction in the global south, has announced its return to funding huge hydropower projects. After nearly two decades of caution, the Bank will join countries such as China and Brazil in funding a new generation of mega-dams, focusing especially on projects in the Congo, the Himalayas and the Zambezi Basin. Our policy director analyzes the trend, and what it means for the world’s rivers and the people who depend on them, in our cover story. Our Africa campaigns director visited the Congo to see first-hand what challenges the Bank’s focus on the Inga dams will bring to the pressing issues of energy poverty and corruption in DRC. And if you’re feeling visual, an infographic helps you navigate the Bank’s record of past dam projects, and its skewed priorities for addressing energy poverty in these changing times.

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What’s Inside 

  • Cover story: The World Bank’s return to big dams won’t overcome energy poverty
  • Commentary: Here we go again! Why the Bank’s return to big dams is bankrupt from the start.
  • Congo River: The Inga dams are at the heart of the World Bank’s megadam resurgence. Gamble pay off for DR Congo.
  • Infographic: A graphic timeline of the Bank’s history of support for big dams.
  • Amazon: The planned boom in big dams could lead to ecosystem collapse.
  • Ethiopia: Is Grand Renaissance Dam oversized?
  • Solutions: Practical Action lays out a plan for ending the hidden crisis of energy poverty.
  • Water: Thirsty hydro tops list of water use in US energy sector.
  • Uganda: Will Karuma Dam repeat the mistakes of Bujagali?

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