CDM Auditors Flunking Additionality

DNV and BV Cert both received an F
DNV and BV Cert both received an F http://www.isletsofhope.com/pic/grade%20f.jpg Misbehaving school children aren't the only ones in need of remedial classes this summer. Auditors (or DOEs) of CDM projects have been given abysmal scores in a new report by WWF and the Öko Institute for Applied Ecology. The report states as its objective: "To assess to what extent DOEs are fulfilling the requirements and expectations of the CDM Executive Board (EB)." The rating system is also meant to provide greater transparency for project participants and the rest of the intern

DNV's Accreditation Reinstated

The CDM Executive Board (EB), at its February meeting, reinstated the accreditation of DNV, the Norwegian certification company that has audited for CDM compliance a third of the projects submitted for EB approval. Back in the end of November I had reported that DNV was suspended for violating a number of rules. At the same meeting, the EB rejected five projects. Guess who had audited these projects?  You got it - DNV.  It will be interesting to see at the next EB meeting if DNV's auditing procedures have improved after being forced to sit on the sidelines for the past two months

UN Suspends Clean Energy Project Auditor

Monday, December 1, 2008
Originally published in Reuters LONDON (Reuters) - The U.N. climate change body has suspended one of the largest auditors of clean energy projects under Kyoto Protocol, a move highlighting problems long aired by critics of the climate pact's greenhouse gas trading scheme. Norway's DNV had their accreditation as project auditors suspended late last week for five "non-conformities" relating to its practices, the U.N. said after performing a spot check of the company's operations in early November. The suspension means DNV cannot file for project registration or request credits under the Clean De

Accreditation of Major CDM Auditor, DNV Suspended

The Executive Board (EB) of the UN Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) must have read our recent report, Bad Deal for the Planet or my recent blog - we called for the EB to strip auditors of their accreditation to work for the CDM if they fail to apply the CDM's rules. On Friday at the Board Meeting, the EB came one step closer to doing that - it suspended the accreditation of DNV, an auditor that validates approximately half of the CDM projects that apply for registration. International Rivers is no stranger to the poor performance of DNV. The official reasons cited by the EB for suspe

SANDRP Letter to CDM Executive Board re. Jorethang Loop Review

Thursday, January 24, 2008
Proposed Executive Board review of Jorethang Loop CDM application needs to include appraisal, stakeholder consultation requirementsDear CDM Executive Board members,Jorethang Loop is a proposed 96 MW hydro project in Sikkim in India which the Executive Board will consider reviewing in its 37th meeting.It is our hope that the project review will not only assess the additionality claims, but also whether the developers met the basic appraisal and stakeholder consultation requirements, among others.We had filed comments during the validation period of this project, but the project proponents have

Letter to CDM Executive Board re. Proposed Review of Jorethang Loop Hydro

Tuesday, January 22, 2008
RE: A review of proposed CDM project—Jorethang Loop—should include whether it met the stakeholder consultation requirements Dear CDM Executive Board members, Jorethang Loop is a 96 MW hydro project in India which the Executive Board will consider reviewing in its 37th meeting. It is our hope that the project review will not only assess the additionality claims, but also whether the developers met the stakeholder consultation requirements. In September 2006, NESPON, an NGO in West Bengal in India, visited villages directly affected by the Jorethang Loop hydropower project. T

SANDRP Comments on Tala Major Hydro (Bhutan)

Saturday, January 19, 2008
Comments about the proposed CDM credits for Tala Hydroelectric project in Bhutan and export of hydropower to India Based on reading of the PDD dated Dec 16, 2007 (as available on the UNFCCC website) for the above project and having monitored India’s power sector over the last few years we reach the conclusion that it will not be appropriate to accept the project for CDM credits. Some of the main reasons for this conclusion are listed below. 1. The project is clearly not additional: Project has been under implementation (in 1996) long before the UNFCCC CDM process started, with full fina

Comments on CDM Project Design Document for Tala Dam, Bhutan

Wangchu River
Saturday, January 19, 2008
Official CDM project name is "Substitution of grid power generation through transmission of renewable electricity generated in a hydro power generating station" Submitted to DNV Wangchu River Robert Tyabji The non-additionality of this project should be obvious.The project started construction in October 1996 before the Kyoto Protocol was negotiated and before the Clean Development Mechanism even existed on paper. Therefore it is impossible that the CDM was considered in the decision to build the project.The PDD does not argue that the CDM was required to build the project.The PDD argues on

SANDRP Comments on Jorethang Loop Large Hydro (Sikkim, India)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006
Update 17 December, 2007: 3 members of the CDM's Executive Board have requested a review of this project on the basis of concerns over its additionality. The full board will consider the request for review at its 37th meeting 30 Jan-1 Feb 2008. SANDRP Comments on Project Design Document for the Jorethang Loop Hydroelectric Project, Sikkim, India Submitted to DNV Based on reading of the PDD and a visit to the site and interviews with the people in the project area (by NESPON colleagues) for the proposed 96 MW Jorethang Loop Hydroelectric Project (JLHEP) in Sikkim (India) should not be validated

Comments on Project Design Document for Campos Novos Dam, Brazil

Campos Novos Dam filled
Saturday, December 1, 2007
Current Status: Validation Terminated (as of Aug 2009) Campos Novos Dam filled Chaver83, Flickr There are several grounds on which the 880 MW Campos Novos Dam should be rejected: lack of adequate stakeholder consultations (due to suppression of stakeholder voices, including unjustified arrests); illegal practices involved in the development of the project; and blatant non-additionality. The fact that the project is already operational without CDM credits should disqualify it from any consideration for credits. It is clear that the project would be completed without the CDM because, in fact,


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