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Bujagali: How Not to Build a Dam Through a Public-Private Partnership

Bujagali Falls Dam
Bujagali Falls Dam Courtesy of the EastAfrican Private participation in large hydropower projects in Africa is increasingly being encouraged through Public Private Partnerships (PPPs). This has been illustrated by the Bujagali Falls Dam, which was commissioned in 2012 in Uganda. Together with the planned Ruzizi III Dam, the project is set to become the continent’s first regional PPP hydropower project. Large hydropower projects impose enormous financial burdens on African governments; PPPs are seen as a way to ease that burden and distribute risk. International financial institutions (I

Civil Society Letter Regarding the Registration of the Bujagali Hydropower Project

Friday, January 6, 2012
CDM Executive Board UNFCCC Secretariat Martin Luther King Strasse 8 P.O. Box 260124 D-53153 Germany Subject: Unsolicited letter regarding the registration of the Bujagali Hydropower Project Dear Mr. Hession, We are writing to express our serious concerns over the registration of Project 4217: Bujagali Hydropower Project. We understand that the deadline for requesting review was 29 December 2011. Through a miscommunication we were not able to submit our letter in time. However, we trust that you will take our concerns seriously and initiate a review as soon as possible. Registration was

Comments on Bujagali Hydropower Project's Second Application (Uganda)

Thursday, August 19, 2010
To understand the largely fictional nature of this application to the CDM, one needs only to read the first line of the PDD: "The Bujagali Hydropower Project is a proposed hydropower..." It is not proposed. It is well over half complete. This basic fact is nowhere mentioned in the PDD. Bujagali Dam is going to be completed regardless of whether or not it is able to receive income from selling CDM offsets. It is non-additional and should not be validated as meeting the CDM's requirements. According to the latest issue posted on-line of Bujagali Energy Limited's newsletter, as of 31 March 2010,

Corner House Comments on Bujagali Large Hydro (Uganda)

Sunday, September 1, 2002
Comments on the CDM Project Design Document for the Bujagali Large Hydro, UgandaThe Bujagali Dam project is ineligible to receive credits under the Kyoto Protocol. Claims to the contrary are likely not only ultimately to rebound unfavorably on any firm making them but also to contribute to the disintegration of the carbon offset market from which many hope to profit. Even under the most generous definitions, and excluding technical questions about the level of carbon emissions from the project itself, its construction, its effects, and the abuses connected therewith, Bujagali cannot be interp

IRN Comments on Bujagali Large Hydro Project (Uganda)

Bujagali Falls
Monday, August 19, 2002
Comments on the Project Proposal regarding the Bujagali Hydropower Project Submitted by the AES Corporation to Senter Internationaal 1. Introduction Bujagali Falls International Rivers Network supports local communities and NGOs around the world working to protect their rivers and watersheds. It has been asked by Ugandan NGOs, including the National Association of Professional Environmentalists, to raise the serious social, environmental, economic and corruption–related problems of the Bujagali hydropower project on the Victoria Nile with international financial institutions.
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