Saturday, April 30, 2005
Alerts regarding the consequences of hydroelectric projects planned for the Xingu River, Brazilian AmazonPublication of the panel of experts on the Xingu hydroelectric complex, May 2005 Executive Summary 1. Summary of the plans for hydroelectric dams on the Xingu River An obsession of global engineering is the fixed idea to dam all rivers that have significant hydroelectric potential. Within this vision, rivers are no longer viewed as living flows of water, bio–chemical media which maintain life in equilibrium, including the lives of riverbank dwellers and migratory animals. Instead, rivers

Belo Monte Dam and the Hydro Development of the Xingu

Sunday, May 7, 2006
Phillip M. Fearnside (2006) "Dams in the Amazon: Belo Monte and Brazil's Hydroelectric Development of the Xingu River Basin," Environmental Management 38:1.

Brazilian Mining Giant Vale Voted Worst Corporation in the World

Monday, January 30, 2012
Company wins prize for leading share in the Belo Monte Dam San Francisco, CA – After 21 days of public voting, Brazilian iron-ore mining corporation Vale picked up the Public Eye Award, known as the "Nobel Prize of Shame" in the corporate world. The award was presented during the World Economic Forum in the Davos, Switzerland on Friday. The prize was created in 2000 by Switzerland's Berne Declaration and Greenpeace to recognize a company's record of environmental, social and labor violations and is selected annually through popular vote. Vale's worst corporation award

Belo Monte Dam Marks a Troubling New Era in Brazil's Attitude to its Rainforest

Monday, August 15, 2011
Originally published in The Ecologist Belo Monte is just one of a dozen giant dam projects Brazil plans to build in the Amazon region in the coming decades and opens up the world's largest tropical rainforest to oil and mining exploration The Kayapó chief stands, and a hush comes over the circle. All the other caciques wait expectantly for Raoni Metuktire to speak. 

Instead, he starts to dance, whooping and shouting, a dance for the enemy. Afterwards, he speaks. 'I will go there, to Belo Monte, and warn my family,' he says, the disc in his lower lip punctuating his words. &#

Mining Giant Joins Belo Monte Dam

Vale's Amazon blemish. An aerial view of the Carajás mines.
Vale's Amazon blemish. An aerial view of the Carajás mines. The world's second-largest mining corporation, Vale, has stepped into one of the world's most controversial dams: Belo Monte. With its new share in the dam, Vale – and the Brazilian government – are banking on the hope that the electricity from so-called "clean" dams can power Brazil's continued export of commodities to China. In the case of the Amazon, Belo Monte may help power a record expansion of dirty mining. In so many ways, a nightmare "Avatar" scenario is ever closer to reality. Hydropower – far from t

Become An Aluminum Scrooge for the World's Rivers

Please, ma’am, just put down the aluminum foil and no one gets hurt. Scrooge It’s a little known fact that this simple kitchen product has a Dickensian dark side. So as you serve your guests canned beverages, “tent” your turkey, cover the yams, or wrap leftovers at the end of the party, keep in mind that the aluminum products you’re using have their roots in a dirty industry – one that frankly deserves a lump of coal in its stocking for how it’s mistreating the planet. The aluminum industry is the world’s largest industrial consumer of electricity, and about half of what it

Les ONG appellent à un moratoire sur la fonderie de BHP Billiton au RD Congo

Thursday, December 16, 2010
Partout dans le monde, des organisations de la société civile appellent BHP Billiton à arrêter son projet de fonderie d’aluminium de 5 milliards de dollars et la construction associée du barrage Inga 3 pour 3,5 milliards de dollars en République Démocratique du Congo, l’un des pays les plus corrompus et pauvres du monde. La fonderie consommerait 2 500 MW, ce qui surpasse le total de la production d’électricité au RD Congo aujourd’hui.Dans une lettre au Président de BHP Billiton, 14 organisations africaines et internationales demandent un moratoire sur le projet jusqu’à ce

Appel à BHP Billiton pour stopper la fonderie congolaise, Inga 3

Wednesday, December 15, 2010
M. Jac Nasser Président de BHP Billiton Limited et de BHP Billiton Plc OBJET: Fonderie d’aluminium BHP Billiton et projet Inga 3 proposés en République Démocratique du Congo M. Nasser, Nous souhaitons attirer votre attention sur les impacts négatifs des négociations que BHP Billiton mènent actuellement avec le gouvernement de la République Démocratique du Congo (RDC) concernant une fonderie d’aluminium de 5 milliards $ près du port de Banana sur la côte Atlantique qui sera alimentée par le projet Inga 3 proposé. Dans l’un des pays les plus pauvres et les plus corrompus

A Conexão Hidrelétricas e Alumínio

Close to half of all energy consumed by the aluminum industry comes from hydroelectric dams, and the industry believes that this percentage will increase in the coming years. The size of this increase will depend both on the industry's assimilation of social and environmental costs created by the dams in cost-benefit calculations, and on a better comprehension of the effects of hydroelectric dams on climate change through their release of methane and CO2.


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