US Congress Supports Environmental Justice in IFIs

Wednesday, March 19, 2014
Factsheet published by International Rivers and AIDA

In its budget bill for 2014, the US Congress has taken bold steps to promote environmental justice within international financial institutions (IFIs). Among other measures, the bill instructs the US representatives in these institutions to oppose large dams and logging projects that affect primary tropical forests, and to seek justice for the victims of human rights violations in IFI projects such as the Chixoy Dam in Guatemala.

The strong language in the budget bill came about in response to the concerns expressed by civil society groups over many years, and offers a great opportunity for their campaigns. International Rivers and AIDA have published a factsheet which summarizes the budget bill and the opportunities it creates for NGOs.

International Rivers is also monitoring the large dams which are currently in the lending pipelines of IFIs, and the response of these institutions to the budget bill. Strong engagement by interested NGOs will help ensure that future budget bills contain equally strong provisions on environmental justice in IFIs. The factsheet offers advice on how NGOs can use the bill to draw attention to their campaigns and enlist new allies to support their goals. 

Download the factsheet here.