Río Marañon: The Grand Canyon of South America

Rocky Contos
Wednesday, August 21, 2013
Photo by Rocky Contos

The Marañon River is one of the most important water sources in Peru and a key Amazon tributary. The river runs through ten distinct regions of Peru which are home to almost 14% of the Peruvian population and is an area of unique biodiversity with dry forests that extend along the upper river valley and its tributaries. The Marañon River and the critical ecosystems that it supports are threatened by plans to build a series of 20 dams along the river. Rocky Contos, founder of Sierra Rios, kayaker and river lover created the following video during a trip down the Marañon. You can read more about Rocky's personal story here.

Río Marañon: The Grand Canyon of South America from Rocky Contos on Vimeo.