Current Status of Dam Projects on Burma’s Salween River

Salween Watch
Wednesday, March 13, 2013

In late February 2013, Burma’s Deputy Minister of Electric Power informed Parliament that six dam projects on the Salween River in Shan State, Kayah State (Karenni) and Karen State had gained approval. With a combined installed capacity of 15,000 MW, the projects will include the Upper Salween or Kunlong Dam, Mai Tong or Tasang Dam, Nong Pha Dam, Mantawng Dam (on a tributary), Ywathit Dam, and Hatgyi Dam. 

These projects are proceeding in areas where conflict is continuing between ethnic resistance forces and the Burmese Army, and are shrouded in secrecy. Investment for these projects will come from five Chinese and three Burmese corporations, and Thailand’s Electricity Generation Authority of Thailand. This briefing by Salween Watch includes an update on the five mainstream dams in Burma.