Three Gorges Dam: Through the Lens of the Artist

From professionals to amateurs, the Yangtze River has captured the attention of hundreds of photographers and artists. Since the construction of the Three Gorges Dam, the Yangtze River has achieved even greater fame (or infamy). To some, the dam is an engineering marvel, but to many others, it represents a destruction of natural beauty and the devastation of hundreds of traditional homes and livelihoods.

Whether the artist was trying to capture the daily experiences of displaced communities or Man's desire to tame nature's wildness, one thing is for certain: through the lens of the artist, we see the project, and the river, anew.

"Fishing," Chongqing
Steven Benson
Three Gorges Dam Image Gallery
International Rivers
Artists: Steven Benson, Chris De Bode

Chen Nong: San Xia - Curatorial Projects
Thomas Kellner: Photography in Art

The Three Gorges Project: Paintings by Liu Xiaodong
Asian Art Museum and the Mary Boone Gallery, New York

Displacement: The Three Gorges Dam and Contemporary Chinese Art
Displacement is on U.S. tour through 2010.
Smart Museum of Art, University of Chicago

Selected Works of Yun-Fei Ji
James Cohan Gallery, New York

Three Gorges Dam Project
Three Gorges Dam Project
Joy Garnett, 2008, Sumi ink on paper
Drawings (2008-2009) - China Three Gorges Dam Project
Joy Garnett: Winkleman Gallery, New York

Three Gorges Dam Series - Paintings and Work on Paper
Rick Camire

Yangtze Journey
This piece is premiering on the slideshow for the first time.
Jeff Fallen

"Rhapsody on Farewell" (2002), "River, River" (2005), "Color Lines" (2006), "The Garden" (2007)
Chen Quilin

In the Lap of the Gods
Li Miao Lovett