"We Have to Make a Choice"

Chuck Johnson

On August 22, 2011 I had the honor of participating in the International Day of Action to Defend the Brazilian Amazon, with a demonstration outside the Brazilian Consulate in San Francisco. The action was organized by Amazon Watch and International Rivers, and was one of many protests that took place that day in front of Brazilian Embassies and Consulates all over the world.

A a relative newcomer to the International Rivers staff, this was my first opportunity to take action as part of the team and to stand in solidarity with the people who depend on a healthy Amazon ecosystem. The people of the Amazon need our help now more than ever as recent months have seen an accelerated assault on the Amazon, most notably with the approval of the massive Belo Monte Dam project and the commencement of dam construction on the Xingu River.

I was heartened by the turnout at the San Francisco event, and I had the pleasure of meeting Ferdinand Rafols, a Brazilian who currently lives in the Bay Area. Ferdinand came to the event to express his outrage at the Brazilian government's assault on the Amazon and the people who live there. Listen to what he had to say.

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