World Rivers Review – Focus on Renewables – December 2006

Friday, December 1, 2006

A special focus on renewable energy developments around the globe.

What's Inside:

  • Africa: A sea-change is needed in getting solar power to Africa.
  • Commentary: A sensible energy future seems far off, and yet we're at the tipping point on a number of technologies.
  • Wind: A look at India's wind energy boom.
  • Microhydro: Lessons learned from around the world.
  • China: A new push for renewables and efficiency is wide, but is it deep?
  • Nepal: After defeating a major dam project, local energy activists and engineers have taken Nepal into a more sustainable direction.
  • US: A renewable future for the US is achievable, says a prominent energy expert.
  • Policy: An interview with Vote Solar, a US-based nonprofit.
  • Bagasse: Recycling crop waste for energy is a viable option for many sugar-producing nations.
    In Print:
    Reviews of two books on decentralized energy.
  • Wind: Making wind power safe for winged creatures.
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