Alucam: 500 milliards pour les investissements

Friday, October 1, 2004
La société va accroître sa capacité de production... Trêve de spéculations. La compagnie camerounaise d'aluminium (Alucam) pourra bientôt accroître sa capacité de production, pour répondre à la demande sans cesse croissante du marché. Les principaux dirigeants de Alcan primary metal group, société de droit canadien qui a récemment racheté le groupe Pechiney auquel était rattachée Alucam, sont au Cameroun depuis quelques jours. Accompagnés du directeur général d'Alucam, Raphaël Titi Manyaka, ils ont été reçus mardi, 28 septembre dernier, par le Premier mini

Transparency in the Dark

Thursday, August 12, 2004
An Assessment of the Cameroonian Electricity Sector Reform In 2001, AES Corporation was the sole bidder in the sale of the Cameroonian electricity company. In accordance with the World Bank’s third structural adjustment credit project, the state–owned company was sold. Since then, consumers face regular blackouts and tariff increases and some investments have been made in new generation capacity. A new regulatory body has been set up, but it is not fully operative. With many sub–Saharan countries under similar pressure to sell their public utilities, this paper contributes to the unders

In Whose Interest? Lom Pangar Dam & Energy Sector Development in Cameroon

Tuesday, June 27, 2006
Download In Whose Interest? (PDF 1 MB)This joint report reveals how the aluminum industry in Cameroon is being prioritized over the energy needs of the country’s majority population, at great social and environmental risk, and without a participatory planning process for energy development.
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