Voices from Lake Turkana

Terri Hathaway, International Rivers
Tuesday, June 22, 2010

For 300,000 indigenous people, Lake Turkana is their best defense against hunger and conflict. The isolated, northwestern corner of Kenya is a harsh environment long neglected by the government. Droughts are occurring more frequently, causing the natural resources upon which local herders and fishers depend to disappear.

The traditional safety net woven by the area's tribes is unraveling quickly. Now, Lake Turkana is under threat from the Gibe 3 Dam. If Lake Turkana is pushed toward ecological collapse, tensions between communities over their dwindling resources could explode - and they know it. Resisting Gibe 3 Dam is a multimedia presentation of images, quotes, and songs gathered from affected communities during our March 2010 field visit to Lake Turkana.

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