2012: Russia and East Asia

China, Russia, Taiwan


Beijing River Watch Tour and World Water Day

A week of events took place between the International Day of Action for Rivers and Global Water Day (March 22nd). One of the events Beijing River Watch organized was a tour of the Beijing River for city residents who rarely, if ever, get to visit its banks.

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Angela, China Green News

Films Screenings for World Water Day and Day of Action for Rivers

Three film screenings were held: Tapped - a documentary about the bottle water industry and its affects on water
supplies, health, and communities. Waking the Green Tiger - Seen through the eyes of activists, farmers, and journalists, this film follows an extraordinary campaign to raise objections to the flooding of the Upper Yangtze valley above the Tiger Leaping Gorge in China's Yunnan Province. Afterwards a discussion hosted by Liu Jianqiang, one of China's leading environmentalists and a prominent participant in the film. There was also a benefit concert held, in which the proceeds went to water protection programs.

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Angela, China Green News


Youth Campaign Against Dam Building

On March 14th, plans were made to begin a new youth-movement campaign against dam building in the Evenkia region of Russia, where hydropower companies, including Nord Gidro, are considering several new projects, and where the Evenkiiskaya Dam was temporarily halted.

Viacheslav Repin

Events Organized by Rivers Without Boundaries to Protest Transsibirsky Hydrodam

After a week of protests against the Trans-Sibirskaya Hydroelectric project, an assessment will be carried out of the hydroelectric potential of the project, and of the potential risks associated with the project. Read more.

Zabaikalsky Province

Several events were planned for Chita, the proposed site for the Transsibirsky Hydrodam: On March 14th there was a press conference on, "Consequences of Dam Building on the Shilka River." On March 21st, Sokhondinsky Biosphere Reserve will present a book "Source of Amur." On March 22 the Civic Council under the Governor will hold expert hearings on the Trans-Sibirskaya Hydrodam. Representatives of several provincial ministries attended the event and explained why the province supports the hydrodam plans.

In Kyra, Nizhny Tsasuchei, Mogocha townships near the Mongolian border, presentations on the effects of the Trans-Sibirskaya Hydrodam were given at educational institutions.

Primorsky Province

In Spask Dalny on March 20th, environmental lectures were held on the threats of hydropower. In the provincial capital of Vladivostok the Primorsky Province Coordination Council on Environmental Protection discussed the Trans-Sibirskaya Hydro problem on March 14, and on March 22nd a press-conference will be held by Khanka Nature reserve "Keep Amur free flowing from Shilka River to Khanka Lake."

Amurskaya Province

In the town of Zeya, Educational games for youth were planned for both March 14 and 22nd. In the provincial capital of Blagoveshensk, on March 14th, there was a press conference on the proposed dam on the Amur River. On March 17th there was an event for children to draw, based on the theme, "Friends of the Amur" followed by a contest at a local university based on the question, "What do you know about the Amur?" A public rally will be held on March 21st and on the 22nd the situation will likely be reviewed by the Governor's Environmental Council.
On March 22 educational event will be organized for schoolchildren in downstream Arkhara village, where rare bird habitat and fisheries were damaged by upstream hydropower station. In the Jewish Autonomy, the Citizens Council will report about threats from the upstream hydropower plans to the governor of the autonomy.

Khabarovsky Province

A week of events devoted to preservation of free flowing rivers were held in the towns of Chegdomyn, Amursk, Komsomols. Events included: lectures, roundtables, student conferences, multimedia educational events, and contests.

Eugene Simonov
Rivers Without Boundaries Coordinator


Street Demonstration and Press Conference

The Meinung People's Association gathered many anti-dam organizations and people affected by large river construction projects in Taiwan to show support to free-flowing rivers. There was a street demonstration followed by a press conference in which the government was called upon to systematically review dam safety throughout Taiwan, and when appropriate, to consider dam removal as an option for dealing with dangerous dams. In addition, the publishing of the booklet "Successful Dam Removal Stories," translated into Chinese, was publicized and celebrated. 

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Ishu Ku
Coordinator, Meinung People's Association

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